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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 7, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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the ft reports on tech giant google which has become embroiled in controversy after a male engineer published an internal memo which argued that biological differences between the sexes accounted for the scarcity of women filling senior roles in silicon valley. le figaro says the uk's bill for leaving the european union could amount to a0 billion euros. meanwhile downing street played down reports the government had suggested paying that amount of money in order to force progress in stalled brexit talks. the independent business section takes a look at how us shopping malls are in decline as shops give way to e—commerce. some owners are now looking to turn the malls into hotels and apartment blocks and finally, the gulf news has this photo of 100 meter runners usain bolt and justin gatlin at the world athletics championships in london. gatlin was booed as he received his
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gold medal, the us sprinter previously was suspended twice for doping. he beat former world champion usain bolt who came third. i watched it live, as so many millions around the world. and we're disappointed? with me is oliver cornock who's editor—in—chief, at the oxford business group. good morning. let's start with north korea because it has been dominating the headlines. the international community is obsessed with this story. how do you think it will pan out because we have been here before? it is a background of belligerence. a number of tests at
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very evocative times and we recognise we have seen sanctions put in place before. china could have vetoed them about did not and that is an interesting angle. if we look back to iraq, sanctions did not make much difference. you have to question what the outcome will be. it is good they are talking and the language from rex tillerson has been very moderate, comparison especially with the president of the united states. in asia, presumably the feeling is much stronger, it is much nearer to this raising tension. who knows if this is the answer but something needs to be done. the issue in the past is that china and russia have not been on board. what
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can we take from china's involvement? they are their biggest trading partner so it would affect a lot of people. so it seems to me this is a ratcheting up of china's involvement, presumably its commitment to resolve this. last week we were talking about the relationship between donald trump and china getting worse because of his comments about this very issue. they do not seem to be responding to the tweets? they are diametrically opposed to stop a very swift change from when they met in murray lago in the financial times, it says google is hit by gender storm after a memo on differences. i thought it was a
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storm in in a teacup. exactly my feeling. they have an image of a very progressive employer in the way they run their offices. i wonder if whether this is a reflection that we cannot talk about uncomfortable thing. that it is a shame in culture. you talk about diversity it isa culture. you talk about diversity it is a fashionable but if you cannot talk about the nitty—gritty. the language he uses, although a bit stereotypical, is actually very moderate. did he say women are needed to be in artisticjobs which is incredibly stereotypical. needed to be in artisticjobs which is incredibly stereotypicalm needed to be in artisticjobs which is incredibly stereotypical. it is but if you cannot talk about this, we have a problem in my mind. we do not know who he is. it was a paper posted within the internal
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communication systems of google. posted within the internal communication systems of googlem talks about whether he will face a disciplinary action. he isjust saying what he thinks. he says you have to have the courage to say these things because of the shame in culture and the possibility of getting fire is a legitimate concern. absolutely. the issue of the cost of brexit has been discussed and going around and around ever since the decision to leave on the part of the uk. a0 billion people in the figaro. it is up billion people in the figaro. it is up to a0 billion. billion people in the figaro. it is up to 40 billion. it is speculative. none of us know. these figures are banded around. there are a lot of us who felt there was going to be a divorce bill of some size and the numberof
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divorce bill of some size and the number of moderate people saying if we we re number of moderate people saying if we were generous, it might bring negotiations to a catalyst and get things on an even, perhaps more respectful and friendly footing. you have to wonder if this is part of a broader strategy. we are talking about the knitting gritty of trade and this is what this is all about. this is what is so important to the uk and europe. they want this result so uk and europe. they want this result so they can get on with what the new normal will be. that is what they want, certainty. that will take a while. we're not looking at any discussion on trade buyers in time and that is a real worry. rethinking shopping mauls as we docklands is.
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—— malls. inglot is on the country 's the malls is more than a shopping centre. just wonder this is a necessary transliteration of the model that has become stagnant. the values are going down. they are going to have to get on with diversified in. there are lots of
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cross the country that have been there for decades. they knew they we re there for decades. they knew they were up against the all in shopping wall and the new malls built. were up against the all in shopping wall and the new malls builtm were up against the all in shopping wall and the new malls built. it is a classic digital disruption story. playing catch up at a financial goals. fascinating. a very different experience. let's talk about usain bolt and justin gatlin. it dominated the press on sunday and even today, on monday. did you watch it?” watched it as a replay. will you struck by the brewing?”
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watched it as a replay. will you struck by the brewing? i was. -- booing. it was disrespectful but at the same time this guy has broken the same time this guy has broken the rules not once but twice. i think it made him think very queasy. the race that he wanted was usain bolt‘s final race in his unbelievable career sofa him to win it just felt really... unbelievable career sofa him to win itjust felt really... but you know, he got down on the ground. we need to stop. thank you forjoining us. thank you and have a really good day. we will see you very soon. hello there. after a fairly mixed weekend weatherwise, our rather unsettled spell of august weather is set to continue this week. this is how we ended sunday. some clear skies there in cambridgeshire, captured by one of our weather watchers,
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but we've still got low pressure in charge of things. sat to the north—west of the uk, here is a trailing weather front, which will bring rain to some central parts of the country, down towards the south—west, during the course of the day. for scotland and for northern ireland this morning, there will be some sunshine to start your day. quite a fresh morning, actually, here. one or two showers pushing in from the north—west, and the odd shower for northern england too. heading down from lincolnshire, towards the midlands, towards south—west england, you are under the influence of a weather front from the word go, so fairly cloudy and damp. some sunshine to start off your day across the south—east of england, and east anglia, too. and for the likes of kent and sussex, it should remain pretty warm and bright, really, for much of the day. a little bit further north, we've got that weather front bringing a few showers to east anglia and london, and some spells of rain across the south—west of england, and south wales, too. now, temperatures today about 18 to 21 degrees. sunshine and showers for scotland, and for northern ireland, too. if you're lucky enough to be heading to the athletics world championship today, we'll see the cloud building through the course of the afternoon. could bring an isolated
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shower later on. now, through the course of monday evening, and overnight into tuesday, this weather front from the south now start to pivot and return a little bit further north. so that is going to bring rain into central wales and through the midlands to start your tuesday morning. to the north of that, clearer skies, with a few showers around too, but low pressure is going to dominate. we have got this area of low pressure around the near continent. that is going to push its way northwards, up towards the north sea, in fact, over the next couple of days. we could well import some pretty heavy showers across the south—east corner later on in the day. still some sunshine here. to the north of that, we've got that front bringing rain for parts of the midlands, northern england, in towards wales and the south—west. scotland and northern ireland having another day of sunny spells and a few scattered showers. now, an improvement from the north—west, i think, during wednesday, but for central and eastern parts of england we're still likely to see some heavy, potentially thundery showers, and it will feel rather cool for the time of year. 16 to 19 degrees. during thursday, again, relatively cool, but actually
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probably be the dryer day, and the brightest day of the week, before we see a return to some rain, particularly in the north and west, during the course of friday. so for the week ahead, all in all, things are looking pretty unsettled. showers or rain at times. rather cool and breezy, but some sunshine in between the showers. bye bye. hello, this is breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. the right to be forgotten. social media firms will have to delete your childhood posts if you ask them to. new laws will also ban companies from using pre—selected tick boxes to gather data. good morning, it's monday the 7th of august. also this morning:
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the body of a man who was reported missing a month ago sparking a huge search has been found at his house. now a police watchdog launch an investigation. good morning from waterloo station. 0ne good morning from waterloo station. one of good morning from waterloo station. 0ne ofa good morning from waterloo station. one of a number of train stations across london where
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